Football for KIDS

Suitable for: 3.5 – 8 years old

Cost: VND 200,000/ session/ 60mins



3.5 – 5 years old 12 students/session/60 mins In the classes players will embark on a journey of sport, non-football specific, where they can practice many skills and learn more about themselves. Parents are also actively encouraged to get involved. Features of the program are:
• Fun Games
• Enhancing motor skills
• Teaching mobility
• Improving Cognitive skills
• improving movement, awareness and concentration
• Having FUN
6 – 8 years old This is where the players begin to learn the Fundamental aspects of the game, learning ball mastery and being encouraged to Experiment and try out new things.
The focus of these programs are based more around football specific drills and programs, but are not based on winning, instead they are focused on learning and developing. The Features of this program are:
• Technical awareness
• Participation and fun
• Ball mastery
• Experimenting
• Learning and game development