Karate for KIDS

Suitable for: 5 -12 years old

Cost: VND 200,000/ session/60 mins

Learn the art of self-protection and self-defense with Mr Đang (BlackBelt), an experienced, qualified and dedicated Martial Arts instructor! Karate Kids has been offered by Kidzone for over 6 years. We have seen participants of the Karate Kids programme develop self-control, confidence, perseverance, self-awareness and self-esteem, friendship and integrity through our programme. No experience necessary.


GROUP 1 5 – 8 years old 12 students/session/60 mins Karate – a popular Japanese Martial Art that has been practiced for over 100 years.
Karate is practiced for self-protection, self-defence and as a sport.
Our instructor is Black Belt Mr Đăng who is experienced, well-qualified and dedicated.
Children learn basic to advanced skills.
They will also be taught self restraint and discipline while gaining self confidence.
GROUP 2 8 – 12 years old